It’s Wednesday…

It’s Wednesday (again) and outside, it’s hardly bothered to get fully bright today. Instead we’ve had light and heavy rain, then light rain, then a brief nearly-damp interval. I went for a run/jog (four miles since you ask) during that. It felt almost as pleasant as walking – aware of my body but not painfully so, the way you feel with a brisk walk.

Yesterday was impressive: I met Eoghan Harris in the Westbury Hotel, off Grafton Street in Dublin. He was wearing a black coat, a poppy and what can only be described as a broad black brimmer. He’s had prostate cancer, it came back, he has some sort of cyst – but he looks strong and big and he talks with an energy and exuberance that makes you wonder why he didn’t run the world over the last fifty years….Did I just say that? He’s my exact contemporary. OMG, as they say


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