Is the Orange Order isolated on EasyJet stance?

An interesting follow-up to the OO-Easyjet unhappiness…

"We in coming days may be"

By Sammy McNally

When the Orange Order are finished giving the board of EasyJet a good tongue lashing they may also need to consider popping into Fleet street to give the British press a piece of their mind.

… and they might also need to have a word with the tourist body Visit Belfast.

In commenting on the EasyJet furore in their on-line edition, the Daily Mail stated that (using language somewhat more akin to Sinn Fein)

“Thousands of Pro-British Protestants hold marches every July 12 in the British ruled Drumcree 2015province to mark a 1690 victory by King William of Orange that sealed Protestant domination, a tradition Catholic Irish nationalists consider provocative”

Clearly no airline can be recommending a ‘cultural’ event which more than 40% of the indigenous population find ‘provocative’ (Without providing the appropriate context).

The Independent stated that:

“In the case of this year’s parades, the disruptions included…

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