Inconsistency and Russophobic Bias at the BBC

Yes, he’s a (distant) relative, but I still say this piece by Daniel Collins is a model of thoroughness and clarity: about the BBC coverage of Russia

Daniel Collins

Yesterday’s leading BBC News story (which was also the BBC website’s headline story) reported that two British Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons had, earlier that afternoon, been “scrambled to intercept two Russian [Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack strategic] bombers heading towards UK airspace”. It all sounded rather threatening and unnerving for UK residents. To the casual observer, it might even have appeared that imminent disaster had been warded off at the last minute by quick-acting RAF fighters.

2048px-Typhoon_f2_zj910_canard_arp An RAF Eurofighter Typhoon (Adrian Pingstone; public domain via Wikimedia Commons).

The story was duly (or perhaps dutifully) reported by the BBC in accordance with the narrative advanced by the UK’s ministry of defence.

Given the nature of the story’s content…

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